About Us

About Us

Godwin's was founded by Gethin and George Godwin, two Welsh brothers who left the coal fields of Wales to pursue a better life in the United States. In 1948, they purchased a modest grocery store at the location of the Saginaw store. Over the years, the family watched Saginaw Township grow out and around the store. From this humble beginning evolved one of Michigan's largest furniture and mattress companies. Godwin's has grown to 12 stores located in mid-Michigan, and each store continues to be family owned and operated.

Godwin’s took a monumental step in recent years by going green. As a company, we believe it is important to contribute to the environment. We do this by using more efficient lighting, heating, and cooling which saves the environment over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. We also donate used mattresses to a recycling facility that salvages useful mattress parts instead of throwing them out into a landfill. This cuts back on the amount of natural materials needed for manufacturing. Finally, we recycle over 100 tons of cardboard each year which cuts back on the number of trees needed. 

Godwin's is a member of the Furniture First buying group—a group dedicated to bringing you the best selection of furniture and mattresses at the lowest possible price. 

Godwin’s is also a strong believer in supporting local communities. In an effort to give back, we support the following organizations:

At Godwin's, we are constantly striving to improve your shopping experience. Exceptional customer service and satisfaction have been the goal since 1948. We are proud to count many generations of the same families as our customers and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.